Best studdog in Denmark 2007 & 2008

Second best studdog i Finland 2007 with only 2 litters

Best studdog in Finland 2008

Pouch Cove's Raises The Bar "Jonathan"

Born 06.05.2003


Cannon Bear's Forever Not Yours

CH Cannon Bear's My Girl You Blush

Cannon Bear's This Is Not Real Love

CH Cannon Bear's Second To None

Cannon Bear's Freedom

CH Midnight Lady's Voodoo Priest

CH Krambj÷rnens Navy Seal

CH Bj°rnebandens St. Louis Blue

CH Bj°rnebandens Stompin' At The Savoy

Newfland's Kawasaki

CH Newfland's Kon Tiki

CH Newfland's Kris

CH Schimo's Tangled Up In Blue

Top Bear's Zacke Zackardo

CH Wave Seeker's American Beauty

CH Wave Seeker's Beauty Sleep

CH Wave Seeker's Blue Moon

CH Wave Seeker's Gone With The Wind

CH Wave Seeker's Blueberry Blues

CH Wave Seeker's Cast Away' Saucon

CH Wave Seeker's Men In Black



                            Pictures: Copyright Wave Seekers

  USCH Twillin Gate Quomandor
  Midnight Lady's Especially For You  
USCH   Midnight Lady's Diorissimo
Darbydale's All Rise Pouchcove   USCH ROM 
  USCH Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu
  Darbydale's Shake'm Up USCH 
    Pouch Cove's Objection Overruled
  USCH Twillin Gate Quintex
  Pouch Cove's Candidate USCH 
USCH ROM    Pouch Cove's Shiprock Sydney
Pouch Cove Casts Its Vote   USCH ROM 
  USCH Jubilee You're The Top
  Pouch Cove's Antares Arbitrage USCH 
    Pouch Cove's Antares Fanfare

Picture: Copyright Wave Seekers